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Y7-9 Curriculum

In Years 7-9 all students study the AGSB Key Stage Three curriculum.  Students study a broad range of subjects including English, science, maths, two languages, arts, humanities, computer science, drama, music, personal, health social and economic education and physical education. All subjects teach the National Curriculum as a minimum and many subjects also teach beyond the National Curriculum.

In each subject the AGSB Key Stage Three Curriculum is taught to be challenging and engaging.  Students are encouraged to work hard and develop an intellectual curiosity in each discipline through an engaging curriculum which stretches and challenges them every lesson. 

In Years 7-9 students are mainly taught through topics.  These topics have been developed by the subject specialist teachers at AGSB to introduce students to new knowledge at an ever-increasing level of difficulty. Each topic introduces students to a wider breadth of subject knowledge that must be learned in order for students to understand the subject securely.  Students are encouraged to try their best to securely learn the knowledge in each topic, before they move on to the next topic.  Every topic is an important building block for studying the subject at a higher level. 

Students are encouraged to work hard in each topic and persevere in understanding even if they find the work challenging.  Students are told that the single most significant factor that will determine their success at Key Stage 3 is how hard they are willing to work. 

For more information about how students are assessed in Key Stage 3, please see KS3 Assessment.

Years 7-9 Curriculum Structure

Subjects studied in Years 7-9 at AGSB:

  • Art
  • Careers (in Year 9 only)
  • Classical Studies (in Year 7 only)
  • Computer Science
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Two Languages from German, Spanish, French, Chinese* and Latin* (*not available until Year 8)
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Physical Education
  • Science (students study separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Year 9)
  • Technology


  • A summary of Curriculum content in Years 7-9 can be found in Academic subjects.
  • Heads of department of options subjects have also produced short videos about their subjects, they can be found here.