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Welcome to Altrincham Grammar

Providing an outstanding academic education for boys

Thank you for visiting the Altrincham  Grammar School for Boys website. AGSB is a selective grammar school providing an outstanding academic education for boys between the ages of 11 and 18. Expectations and aspirations are high and our exam results at GCSE and A level consistently place us amongst the top performing schools in the country.

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Welcome from our Senior Prefects

  • Head Prefect

    Adham Saeid

    Hi, my name is Adham Saeid and I’m the Head Prefect at AGSB for 2021-22. Over my last 7 years at AGSB, I have seen a complete transformation in nearly every aspect of my life. This school has guided me to be the person I am proud to be today, in particular due to its care for the growth of the individual. This school redefines secondary education as not simply a means of achieving grades and as a steppingstone to higher education, but rather as a time for people to truly discover who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Students’ time within the classroom is utilised to ensure they can achieve whatever it is they are aiming for. Personally, I have consistently been impressed by the supportive environment to learning facilitated by the teachers in this school. Students are encouraged to come to solutions within their own time, and if they struggle there is always support available for them. Each student here has a common goal in mind of achieving as highly as they can, and therefore we support each other in our individual goals. Furthermore, our school’s vast extracurricular provision encourages students to explore their interests alongside others. We have a huge variety including both team and social sports, large musical groups including string orchestras and jazz bands, as well as more niche societies like ‘Musical Theatre Society’, ‘Model United Nations’ and ‘Physics Concept Society’. We really do ensure that every student can explore what they are interested in alongside their peers, and if a society hasn’t been set up for their interest yet they are helped to set up their own. Ultimately, I leave this school with a confidence that I can achieve as high as I can possibly aim. Personally, over the next year I want to focus on ensuring our school is as inclusive as possible for all students and on improving mental wellbeing. AGSB is here for those students who strive for better: for themselves, for their peers and for society.
  • 6th Form Prefect

    Kiran Davies

    Hello, I’m Kiran Davies, and I am the House Captain for Tatton this year at AGSB. I have loved my time here and I’m so thankful that I’ve had access to all the opportunities presented to me by this school. As I have matured, I’ve realised just how valuable each aspect of the school is towards our development, as individuals, academics, sportspeople and musicians. The level of education we receive here at AGSB is second to none, and the effects of it are tangible. Our teachers are brilliant, bringing both genuine enthusiasm and expert knowledge of their subjects to the classroom. Paired with the excellent resources we have here, the learning experience cannot be matched. Teachers are always available to help students improve their results, something which is reflected in our top-level GCSE and A Level Results across all subjects, and something I have benefitted from myself. My favourite part of school has always been our music department. Participating in it actively really rounds the skillsets of our students, and we put on a vast array of concerts, musicals and other performances. The same goes for our sports department, our teams regularly compete in the top competitions, and people from across the whole school are represented. I couldn’t recommend AGSB enough.
  • Prefect

    Hasanat Ali

    Any novel experience can be daunting but starting a new school is perhaps the most frightening of all. I had come from a primary school in which throughout my entire 6 years, I was the only person of colour. The notion of change never crossed my mind for I had never known an alternative. From the first day, everything was different. There was a familiarity at the school that I hadn’t encountered previously, one that can only be described through the lived experience. There is something quite particular in that sensation, the feeling of looking around and realising that, after all this time, you aren’t alone, that there are others in the same situation as you. It’s quite a comforting feeling. And AGSB made me feel comfortable. Undoubtedly it has an outstanding academic profile with a complimenting record in sport, but that is not what makes it unique. AGSB is diverse; it is inclusive. And its continuous efforts to further strengthen these qualities are impressive and admittedly, successful. Over the years spent here, I have witnessed the creation of many student-led societies, and their immense successes, such as the Diwali Festival organised by the Hindu and Sikh Society, or the annual charity event held by the Islamic Society. Though the school has an array of state-of-the-art facilities at the students’ disposal, it goes beyond the material. To me, it does not solely mean academia; it is a place of diversity, inclusivity and care. AGSB is more than just a school, it’s a community and I hope you find it just as pleasant I have.

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