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  • Farewell to Mr Eddie Hall AGSB 2002 – 2024

    This summer, Altrincham Grammar School for Boys bids a fond farewell to Mr. Eddie Hall, who is retiring after an illustrious 22-year tenure as Deputy Head. Eddie, an Oxford University graduate in History and an ardent Liverpool FC supporter, joined AGSB in 2002. Before his time with us, he held vari...

Labor Omnia Vincit
  • Altrincham Grammar School for Boys Announced as The Times & Sunday Times North West School of the Year 2024 for Academic Performance.

  • Learning through Values

  • Love of Learning

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Resilience

  • Work Conquers All


Welcome to Altrincham Grammar

Providing an outstanding academic education for boys

Thank you for visiting the Altrincham  Grammar School for Boys website. AGSB is a selective grammar school providing an outstanding academic education for boys between the ages of 11 and 18. Expectations and aspirations are high and our exam results at GCSE and A level consistently place us amongst the top performing schools in the country.

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Latest News

Welcome from our Senior Prefects

  • Head Prefect

    Jacob R

    Hi, I’m Jacob, Head Prefect at AGSB for 2023/24. I joined this school 6 years ago with an oversized green blazer, a bag I could barely carry and healthy dose of enthusiasm. AGSB has turned me into the student and the young man that I am today. Here, academic excellence is coupled with a wide-ranging, engaging and fun extra-curricular programme, giving us more than just exam results. In my role as Head Prefect I want to add to this already wonderful culture. I have a brilliant senior prefect team around me this year; with such great people involved we want to get a lot done! Between us we’re placing a focus a mental health, involvement in the house system and cross year group interaction. Personally, I’m looking to focus on attitudes towards sexism within the school, reaching out to other schools in the area to create a school which is both educated and open to meaningful change. In my own life I’ll be continuing my study of History, English Literature and Classics, with the intention of doing Classics at university. I think there are few places where, in the course of a day, one can be a classicist, footballer, musician and actor, but AGSB is one of those places. Passion permeates the school in all areas; anyone can flourish in their chosen field. This school has given me so much, and now I can’t wait to give back.
  • House Captain - Bradbury

    Dhruv P

    BRADBURY is the name that will echo through the walls of AGSB. Whether its individual success or collective glory, we will etch the names of our members into the history books of the school and transform this house into an unbreakable family. As your leaders, Yusuf and I aim to instil participation, passion, and pride into to the home of Bradbury. Whether a mathematician plays sport, or a scientist paints a picture, the red tie represents the house of opportunity, a platform with which our students can freely express themselves and develop the skills they need for a lifetime of success. As your house captain, I’m always available for support or even a friendly chat and hope to use this make all our members to feel comfortable and included. So, let's go out there, get involved and wear those ties with a smile. Let the halls of AGSB glow with red! A-level Subjects: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, English Literature Post 18 Aspirations - Physics
  • House Captain - Massey

    Jamie L-B

    Hi there, I’m Jamie and I am the Massey House Captain for 2023/24 academic year. AGSB holds 4 values at its core – Love of Learning, Responsibility, Resilience and Respect – and each of these have been a guiding force during my 6 years at the school. Whether it be the Sixth Form University Challenge, the House Shout whole school music competition, or the Winter Sports Competition, AGSB really has something for everyone, from academics, to music and drama, to sport and so much more. Through these events, and by continuing to actively engage with AGSB’s values, I want to see Massey be the titan of the school it can be this year. With a focus on involvement, inclusivity and the importance of the student voice, I want everyone in Massey not only to dominate the House System, but to have a say in how we run it, and how we run the school. I care about what everyone in Massey has to say, and collaboration and teamwork within our house is the best way to do this in order to see the white and green flag fly high above the school; Massey is, after all, a team above all, and above all, a team. A-Levels: Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Spanish. Post 18: Medicine.
  • House Captain - Stamford

    Aiyush G

    Hi, I’m Aiyush, House Captain for Stamford this year. Together, we’re going to bring greater attention to student voices, increase participation across all events and further student confidence by encouraging all Stamfordians to involve themselves in new, challenging House Events. I believe by fostering school values within the house system, students will grow through their journey at school. As a STEM student myself, I can testify to the transformative power of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. To move from subjects and extra-curricular activities that you are familiar with into something new and unexplored builds resilience and equips you to face further academic challenges. I want to provide you with the tools to express yourselves, think outside the box and approach challenges from every perspective and to empower all Stamfordians to become problem solvers and change-makers within our community.
  • House Captain - Tatton

    Gautham R

    The yellow on our ties is a symbol of the fire that runs through our veins and binds us all together. I want to bring back our glory days and reignite a passion to participate in every one of us. We are Tatton and I'm Gautham R, Tatton's house captain for this year. A little about me - my favourite part of school is probably its rich extra-curricular life and I tried to dabble in a little of everything that was offered during the younger years. Now, you will probably see most of my focus on HSJS and Engineering Society. And over time, I have come to view the tech block as my second home, holding some of my best memories from school. As a member of the senior leadership team, I hope to get students spearheading the house system and further enriching the extra-curricular by running their own competitions and initiatives within the school. A-levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Design Technology. Hoping to study design engineering and become a robotics engineer one day (like ironman).

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