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Trips and Visits


Educational trips and visits enable pupils to experience life and culture beyond the classroom, and often the country.  Pupils also have numerous travel and cultural exchanges and trips throughout the year that provide a chance to experience cultures, countries and concepts beyond the school gates.  Trips and visits are an integral part of education at AGSB; they are used to enhance the learning experience of pupils while also educating the whole person. Curriculum trips are linked to learning in the classroom and therefore take place throughout the year at the most suitable time.

Many trips and visits are organised throughout the school year ranging from those that directly support the academic programme (e.g. Modern Language department visits and exchanges, History department, Berlin Tour and visits to museums and places of historical interest, Biology, Geology or Geography Department Field Courses, Art Department visits to galleries, etc.) to those that enable pupils to pursue or develop other interests such as Skiing etc.  Senior Pupils also have had the opportunity to take part in Outlook Expeditions and World Challenge which has taken some of our students to places such as Norway, Mongolia, Ecuador, Tanzania, Vietnam, Morocco, Argentina, South Africa, Peru and Venezuela.

The school has an appointed Educational Visits Co-ordinator, who is responsible for the proper organisation of all trips. Thus, he/she ensures that any trip conforms to any regulations in terms of leadership, qualifications of staff, staff/pupil ratios, risk assessment, insurance, communication, emergency procedures and so on. The Headmaster also gives his specific permission for every trip, on the advice of the Educational Visits Co-ordinator. The participating staff are all fully aware of their responsibilities in taking trips.

Parents are initially informed about the nature and purpose of the visit, including particular mention of any 'hazardous' activities, which are considered parts of the trip.   They are also advised about the cost.  Subsequent information will include the address of the visit, type of transport, arrangements for pocket money, kit requirements, insurance cover and advice on travel documents and vaccinations required.   Parents will be required to fill in and sign the school's standard parental consent form, although further information (e.g. details of dietary requirements, passport number) may be requested.  Take a look at the trips we have organised in the last 12 months.