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AGSB Horizons

In 2019, AGSB launched an exciting new community Outreach project called Horizons. The aim of Horizons is to build lasting and meaningful links with other Trafford schools and to widen access to AGSB. We are aiming to substantially increase the number of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium and Looked After Children who sit our entrance examination and secure a place here. We know there are pupils in Trafford who would thrive at AGSB and make a fantastic contribution to our school life but who do not apply due to socio-economic barriers. We believe it is our responsibility to change this and make AGSB an even more representative, inclusive and diverse learning environment.

Horizons Outreach
A central aim of our Outreach programme is to build links in the local community. We are working hard to develop an ambitious and wide-reaching Outreach programme for primary school pupils of all backgrounds, abilities and interests. Our sixth form students are excellent ambassadors for our school and are keen to give back to the community through Horizons. Since 2019, we have worked collaboratively with a number of Trafford primary schools, offering support with whole-school events such as Sports Days, hosting primary classes in our Science labs and inviting them to visit our pop-up planetarium. We also supported two Year 5 classes as they completed an extreme weather Art project. We hope, in future, to offer literacy and numeracy mentoring and to host matinée performances of our school shows for local primaries and to expand our work across all primary age groups, so that we can offer as many opportunities for fun and challenge as possible.

Primary School testimonials

Art Project “I just wanted to send a quick message to say how much of a pleasure it has been to have the boys come and work with our children.  They have been extremely polite and open to whatever was asked of them at all times (the children sent up a wail when they heard it was the boys last week with us this week!)”
Sports Day “The boys were a fantastic help today. A credit to the school. We really enjoyed having them.”
Planetarium Visit Thanks again for the opportunity to attend the session in the planetarium.  The children really enjoyed the experience and it gave them a real sense of awe and wonder!

Horizons Exam Familiarisation Course
As part of Horizons, we offer an Exam Familiarisation Course to help Year 5 students in receipt of Pupil Premium prepare for our entrance exam. This means that Year 5 pupils who are Looked After Children, Previously Looked After Children or who have been eligible for means-tested Free School Meals at any point in the last 6 years are eligible to attend, if they are nominated by their Trafford Primary School.

During the course, we offer a tour of the school, opportunities to meet staff and current students, as well as support with the mathematical, verbal and non-verbal elements of our entrance exam. Participants also gain access to online support materials to help them prepare beyond the course. Prospective parents and carers are offered guidance on our admissions process and given opportunities to find out more about our fantastic school community. The course is designed to provide all participants with a fun and memorable flavour of life at AGSB, regardless of whichever secondary school they eventually opt to attend.

Year 5 testimonial “The course made me know lots about AGSB and the entrance exam, which made me feel more comfortable on the day. I got to meet some teachers and had a tour of the school. It helped me to know what to expect in the exam, it showed me how to approach questions in the right way and how long I should take on them, which I found really helpful. I really enjoyed it and I hope other boys will find it as useful and enjoyable as I did in the future.”
Parent/carer testimonial “The information and support you receive from the AGSB team is invaluable. They help you to understand the selection process and how the pupil premium children fit into it, giving you a greater understanding of what you’re about to be part of. They were always there to help and answer any questions. My son loved the course and it gave him confidence when sitting the exam. Particularly as he found the surroundings familiar and he knew what to expect. I would highly recommend the course to any parent on Pupil Premium.”

For further information on our entrance criteria for Looked After Children and pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium, please see our Admissions Policy.

The Horizons Promise
At AGSB we use our Pupil Premium funding to ensure that our school is accessible and inclusive for all students. No parent/carer should have to worry about the cost of sending their child to school. With that in mind, any AGSB students who are eligible for Pupil Premium will be entitled to:

  1. Full discretion/confidentiality
  2. A school blazer and house tie
  3. Free basic sports kit
  4. Free essential equipment such as calculators and revision guides
  5. Free curriculum trips
  6. Support with extra-curricular trips
  7. Free instrumental lessons in Y7 and Y8, as part of the AGSB Music curriculum

If you would like any further information on the support we offer to AGSB students who receive Pupil Premium, please see the Pupil Premium section of our website.

For more information about Horizons, please contact Alison Cathcart, Assistant Head: Inclusion, at acathcart@agsb.co.uk or 0161 928 0858.