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Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Enrichment at AGSB In school this week we have been highlighting the benefits of co-curricular enrichment in Assemblies and through ‘Thought For The Week’. Co-curricular enrichment is a very important aspect of life in any school, but especially here at AGSB.

I recently completed an audit of what opportunities we have at AGSB and I hope you agree, the findings were very impressive. We are proud to be able to offer a vast variety and volume of provision.

In a typical week at AGSB, we have this volume of provision.


(not including Fixtures and Tours)

(not including Concerts and Shows)
(not including Trips and Visits)
7 12 hours 30 minutes 7 hours 28 hours 30 minutes
8 10 hours 40 minutes 7 hours 30 minutes 28 hours 10 minutes
9 17 hours 8 hours 27 hours 20 minutes
10 13 hours 40 minutes 9 hours 27 hours 30 minutes
11 13 hours 40 minutes 9 hours 30 hours
12 12 hours 50 minutes 8 hours 30 minutes 31 hours 30 minutes
13 12 hours 50 minutes 8 hours 30 minutes 31 hours 30 minutes

Academic groups, Inclusivity groups, Religious Societies, Creative/Artistic Clubs, Music Groups, Sports Teams, Sports Recreation, Ecological Clubs, Games & Gaming Clubs, Public Speaking & Debating, Political/Philosophical/World affairs forums, Clubs that supplement the Curriculum, Trips and visits, House competitions, Charitable societies & events, School council & Pupil voice.

Please click on the following links to investigate further what we have on offer.

There are so many benefits of Co-curricular engagement to the pupils. Below are listed some of the key areas; Confidence, Teamwork, Responsibility, Leadership, Accountability, Diligence, Respect, Inclusivity (Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation), Active citizens, Social cohesion, and Morality. Developing British Values of democracy, liberty, tolerance, law-abiding.

I would encourage pupils to have discussions at home to reflect upon their involvement in co-curricular enrichment and aspire to increase their involvement. Try something new, push comfort zones, meet new like-minded people, and grow as an individual.

Mr M Soulsby
Assistant Head (Development)