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Coalition Calls for AGSB!

Our Mock Election on Thursday 4 July was a huge success.  It was a great  exercise in democratic participation and tightly contested between 5 excellent candidates.  We used a system of proportional representation which resulted in a Hung Parliament, with no party gaining an overall majority.  The leaders of our centre-left parties, Isaac Jones (Labour), Barny Weeden (Lib Dems) and Luqman Hussain (Greens), who collectively acquired 60% of the vote, quickly came together to form an AGSB Rainbow Coalition. Reform UK leader Daniel Hornby gracefully accepted the coalition deal, after his party exceeded expectations by winning 31% of the vote. It was a disappointing showing by the Conservatives, as they received only 9%, despite the accomplished performance of candidate Adam Ladha.

Votes Cast: 998
Turnout: Over 90% in all 5 year groups

Voting patterns varied sharply across year groups with, for example,  the Lib Dems & Labour leading the way in Year 7 and Reform ahead in Year12.

The election campaign was very successful, with Election posters and Party Manifestos in Reception,  informative Assembly Hustings and a very lively Candidates’ Question Time chaired by Will Millar and Alfie Broughall in which all 5 candidates showed off their political flair.  Thanks as well to Ben Clark for filling in very ably at late notice for Green leader Luqman Hussain.

Many thanks to Dr Hepden, Miss Maguire and Mr Croxton,  who helped organise these events and made the election a great success. A big thank you also to all other Y12 students who helped out on the election day – namely Tom Williams, Georgie Atherton, Ben Stone, Ben Clarke, Seb Hewitt, Fin Day, Max Mitchell and Jake Shepherd.

It will now be interesting to compare our Mock Election result with the outcome of the UK’s official election, where polls are projecting a Labour ‘Super Majority’.

Will Millar (Y12 History and Politics Prefect) and Mr Croxton