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Activities Week Consent Form

Parents (not students) must complete this form with their child's details.

During Activities Week your child will undertake one of more of the following activities.  We need your permission for your child to leave the school site to take part in these activities under the supervision of school staff.   Graystone Action Centre/ Cinema /  Total Ninja / Go Karting / Rock Climbing / Local Walk /Bowling /  Laser Quest / Skating / Escape Room

Please note on the last day of Activities Week (15th July 2024) your child will potentially be released early dependant upon the activity they choose.   Please see detailed information below.

  • Graystone Action Centre - Coach returns to school around 1pm students dismissed on arrival.
  • Cinema - Students are dismissed from the Cinema at around 1.00pm.
  • Total Ninja - Coach returns to school around 1pm students dismissed on arrival.
  • Go Karting - Coach returns to school around 1pm students dismissed when they arrive.
  • Rock Climbing - Minibus returns to school around 1pm students dismissed on arrival.
  • Local Walk - Returns to school around 2pm students are dismissed on arrival.

I consent to my child leaving the school site under staff supervision to undertake one or more of the above activities and acknowledge he may be released early on the final day of Activities Week.*


Please note we will use Arbor to check your child's MEDICAL and FOOD ALLERGY information. Therefore, it is critically important for you to ensure your child's records are up to date.


  • If you do not have access to the Desktop Portal or the Arbor APP please email Mrs Coale for access on acoale@agsb.co.uk

  • If you wish to discuss any new symptoms or conditions your child may have, please email Mrs Passey on apassey@agsb.co.uk

Disclaimer: It is important to keep medical information up-to-date and accurate for your child to ensure their health and safety. If a parent/carer fails to update their child's medical information, they are solely responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result. If the information provided in the child's medical records do not reflect their current health status or needs, it could impact on any medical treatment decisions and potentially result in harm or injury. Therefore, it is essential that parents and carers regularly review and update their child's medical information.

I confirm that I understand it is my responsibility as a parent / carer to check the medical records held at school and update (where necessary) and commit to updating this on Arbor.*




I undertake to inform the school as soon as possible of any changes in the medical circumstances of my child or if they have been in contact with any contagious or infectious diseases between the submission of this form and the start of Activities Week.*