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apply to continue funding into Y13


Q1 - My home and financial circumstances are the same as when as when I applied for the Bursary last year.

If you ticked no, please exit this form and complete a new Bursary application form in full.

Q2 - Do you use public transport to and/or from school?

If you ticked no, please move to the bottom of the form.

Q4 - If you ticked yes to Question 2, please provide details of any travel passes you have below. You can find out more about these here and must apply for any passes which are applicable to your journey - Fares and passes for young people | Bee Network | Powered by TfGM 


In submitting this form I confirm that I continue to be eligible for Bursary support as defined by the eligibility criteria in the 16-19 Bursary Policy, and that all information I have provided is true to the very best of my knowledge.  I understand that if my financial circumstances change during the year, then it is my responsibility to inform the school.