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Form A

Trip Application Form

Not all sections will be relevant to every proposed visit.

1. About the Trip

Trip Classification*
Trip Type*
Is this trip?*

Dates of the Trip

2. Staffing

Are you experienced in running this kind of trip?*
Do you require Trip Leader Training? (This might be on one specific aspect of the Trip process (Admin process, Risk Assessment, Safeguarding, Group management, Finance, Emergency/Critical incident procedures etc)*
Is a First Aider required? (1st aiders are preferential for all trips. 1st aiders may not be required for lower risk, local/urban trips (this can be individually risk assessed by EVC and Trip Leader). 1st aiders are required for all remote, higher risk, or residential trips. )*

As trip leader, I confirm I have checked the relevant calendars to ensure there are no clashes: ARR Calendar - CPD/Staff meetings/Parent evenings/Internal exams School Website Calendar - Trips/Events/Term dates/Sport Pearson exam - External Exam clashes (Year 10 ,11 and 13.   

3. Size and composition of the group:

4. Travel arrangements

5. Accommodation

6. Finance

Is there a cost applied to this trip?*
No file chosen No file chosen

7. Declaration

As trip leader I confirm I have read and understood the latest edition of the Trips and Visit Policy (in The Staffroom Folder, Trips Forms and Procedures)*

Please print this form and keep in the trip pack

Once you submit your request the Trip application will be assessed.  We will aim to respond within 2 days if the trip has been APPROVED or DECLINED.

If declined, you are welcome to discuss this further with the EVC.