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Political Analyst Dennis Kavanagh Visits AGSB

Recently, the History and Politics Society were lucky to host political analyst Dennis Kavanagh.  Dennis is a well-known expert in his field, with particular speciality in UK general elections, as well as being known locally for having had a grandson at AGSB!

Dennis gave an incredibly informative talk spanning the General Elections of 1983, 1997 and 2010, as well as covering some more general themes and sharing some of his valuable insight into the true nature of elections in the UK. A number of Year 12 boys were lucky enough to then spend lunch with Dennis, where he spoke about his opinions on the ongoing Brexit negotiations and the flaws of the UK political system.

This was a truly valuable experience for all, particularly Year 12 and 13 History and Politics students who have undoubtedly had their understanding of elections as a whole, stretched and challenged by Dennis’ ideas. 


Freddie W. Y12

March 2019

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