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In Year Transfers

In Year Transfers – Years 7-11

In Year transfer applications must be received before 31st May in the current academic year: 

Parents are asked to complete an online In Year Application Form and only one application per academic year can be made.


Where a place becomes available an assessment will take place.

Applicants will be assessed in 3 subjects, Maths, English and a Modern Foreign Language studied at this School (French, German or Spanish). A minimum pass mark of 70% is required in each subject. In addition, Year 10 applicants are also required to be assessed in Biology, Chemistry and Physics each with a minimum pass mark of 70%.

Applicants applying for Y11 will be given consideration where estimated grades of A*/A in Maths, English and Science are given. In addition optional subject choices and places within those choices would have to be available. 

There are no practice papers for In Year Assessments as they are based on work covered in schools.

Waiting Lists

Where a vacancy is not available at the time of assessment the School will hold a waiting list of qualified applicant’s ranked in accordance with our oversubscription criteria. The list will be held for the academic year of application only.

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