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Due to the number of children who were unable to attend our examination (as they were self-isolating) AGSB has offered an additional entrance examination date. Those eligible have been informed of the date by email. This will delay the marking and standardisation process for all candidates. AGSB are now hoping to post our examination results around mid-November 2020.


The closing date for on time secondary school applications to Trafford Council (for admission in September 2021) is 31 October 2020. For those living in a different area, please refer to the Secondary School Admissions page of your Council's website regarding application date and process. You must comply with the dates set out on the Council websites, even if you have not received exam results for the selective grammar school that you wish to apply to.

When submitting your CAF to Trafford Council, you should list your preferences in the order you wish to be considered, knowing that if your child cannot be offered a place at your
first preferred school, your second preferred school automatically becomes your first preferred school etc. Further detail is set out in Section 6 of Trafford Council's "Applying for School Places (2021 Secondary School Information for Parents)".

For admission in September 2021, Trafford Council has extended the number of preferences that can be listed - parents can list up to a total of 5 selective grammar schools and 3 non-selective schools. You should refer to the School Admission page of the Trafford Council website which sets out "guidance notes" covering issues relating to the delay of the posting of selective school exam results.

Please note that the information set out here regarding applications for secondary school places is illustrative only and you should refer to the full detail set out on the School Admissions page of your Council website for your own area.

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Our examination providers are GL Assessment.  To access their free 11+ familiarization material please click here

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