Altrincham Grammar School For Boys

A Grammar School with Academy Status
Labor Omnia Vincit

School Vision for the next four years 2017 - 20

Mission Statement

We aim to continue to create the best possible environment to enable our students to achieve their full potential academically and in all other areas of school life. We seek to build upon the School’s rich heritage and reputation as an outstanding school.

1.    The Hamblin Education Trust

The Hamblin Education Trust has been established in order to share best practice, to support other schools and primarily to support the newly formed North Cestrian School. AGSB will support the development of the Trust through providing educational, financial and business expertise as required.

2.    The Size of the School

During the past four years, pupil numbers at AGSB have continued to grow in response to the ever-rising demand for places. We will continue to explore opportunities to expand our intake for all year groups from six to seven forms. However, this ambition cannot be achieved without substantial investment in school buildings.              

3.    Teaching and Learning

Our vision is to provide an academic environment where challenge is at the core of every lesson, every day. We aim to foster curiosity, develop a love of learning and encourage our students, as they mature, to take responsibility for their own learning. Teaching and learning will be underpinned by a robust evidence base allowing teachers to experiment with innovative and effective teaching approaches. Teaching and learning will be further developed by:

  1. Encouraging a dialogue on effective teaching and learning strategies within every aspect of school life. This will encompass providing teachers with high quality CPD and the means, via a teaching and learning network, to develop their pedagogy.
  2. Continuing to support Initial Teacher Training. Participation in ITT brings many benefits especially in terms of staff development through involvement in ITT tutoring and the provision, via the trainees, of new ideas and methodologies.
  3. Promoting opportunities for collaboration on the many and varied aspects of teaching and learning with other schools within the Hamblin Education Trust and the two local Training Schools.
  4. Consider how ICT can be employed to support teaching and learning especially in the context of the use of mobile devices to develop independent learning in the pupils.
  5. Encouraging pupils to involve themselves to the range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities in order to develop their leadership skills.

4.     Curriculum

We will continue to provide an academic, varied, balanced and modern curriculum which satisfies the aspirations of pupils and parents within a selective school. Key areas include:

  1. An emphasis upon English skills of the highest quality. To value the importance of high quality written, spoken and listening skills within all curriculum subjects.
  2. To respond to national changes in the public examination systems at both GCSE and A level.
  3. To promote both within and outside the main curriculum the value of social and moral understanding, sporting opportunities and an appreciation of the arts in its varied forms.
  4. To maintain and develop worthwhile links between School and businesses and professions. High quality careers advice will ensure informed choices between Arts/Humanities and Sciences.                           

5.     Staffing

To provide an environment that will encourage all staff to develop their potential to the full and to promote and reward high quality performance. We seek to maintain a rewarding workplace attracting high quality staff and maintaining a happy, stable and cohesive staff base.

  1. To maintain and develop further a management structure that delivers effective leadership and provides opportunities and training for career development of all staff.
  2. To consult and work with staff during this period of greater financial constraint so that teaching and administrative tasks are performed efficiently and without compromise to academic standards.
  3. To explore ways of helping staff to cope with workloads and pressure brought on by fiscal constraints to maintain a reasonable work/life balance.

6.     Building and Finances

To maintain our commitment to improving the existing fabric and to add additional facilities to the School when possible (reference Section 2). We will seek to gain grants for funding as and when appropriate which will provide for:

  1. The remodelling and expansion of the School in line with the long-term development plan for school buildings.
  2. In this period of financial restraint in order to maintain educational standards, the School will look to work with its wider community to secure additional funds independent of Government grants. We will work closely with all parents, the AGSB Parents & Friends Association, AGSD (Altrincham Grammar School Developments) and the Old Altrinchamians Association.

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