Altrincham Grammar School For Boys

A Grammar School with Academy Status
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AGSB Curriculum

AGSB’s main purpose is to create the best possible environment to enable our students to achieve their full potential academically and in all other areas of school life. 


The curriculum plays a key role in this purpose and has three main aims:

  1. To be academic, varied, engaging and appropriate for all students.
  2. To develop independent students who possess a deep love of learning and a strong intellectual curiosity.
  3. To develop responsible students with strong moral values who leave AGSB with a wide variety of skills and interests, both within and beyond the academic curriculum.


Curriculum Structure:

The school operates a two-week timetable, there are five periods in each day and each period lasts for one hour.

  • There are 50 periods in each timetable cycle.
  • Students attend form time for 20 minutes each morning and five minutes each afternoon.
  • Students attend two assemblies per week.

For more information about the Curriculum please see the Curriculum Policy


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